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Port Richmond 

Port Richmond is known for its community pride and generational bonds. Located along the lower edge of the Northeast, directly above Fishtown and Kensington, this area is home to a large blue-collar population. The majority of residents are of Polish descent, and many residents have parents and grandparents that have lived or still live there. For more information visit Port Richmond.

The majority of houses are row homes, situated along narrow, tree-lined streets. Many residents don’t own a car, and opt to take public transportation such as buses, trains and trolleys. There is currently lots of energy and revitalization happening in this neighborhood. Port Richmond residents are very eager to help each other in making this area better and better. The residents take pride in the appearance of their homes. So many great holiday decorations line the streets during the winter months. The recent influx of young hardworking “hipsters” are adding to the urban renewal while the row house charm remains.

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