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Graduate Hospital

The Graduate Hospital area has a mix of single-family homes, new and old, thriving places of worship and is very family friendly. One thing to notice is sidewalks which are usually littered with strollers and families bounding about the area. It also distinctively possesses some of the best neighborhood bars in the area, from long-established pubs to newcomers with their take on the anti-establishment ways to brew, eat and relax. This neighborhood most often serves as the under-the-radar personality for the handmade-arts scene, which draws wide acclaim. For more information visit Graduate Hospital.

The Balkin Express serves classic Mediterranean food, which is always a tasty place to go. Visit Balkan Express.

And at certain times of the year well known festivals are held in this area that garner national acclaim. Particularly the Odunde Festival which celebrates African culture see Odunde for more information. The other is Bloktoberfest which showcases some of the best beer, food and music Philly has to offer. For more information visit Bloktoberfest.

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